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Nickos is Back From Hong Kong!

November 20th, 2015


So, it’s been over a week since Nickos and the gang got back from Hong Kong, and after finally shifting the jet lag, we thought it was about time we fill you in on what they got up to.

Day one

After a long flight, 15 hours to be exact, Nickos and the team had finally arrived in Hong Kong, a city that never sleeps. After unpacking at the hotel, Nickos took advantage of his free time to do a little sightseeing, which included visiting The Peak.

Day two – three

The products have already arrived!

After a good night’s sleep, Nickos headed off to the Best of British Festival, where he helped Craig from The Chippy set-up the pop-up restaurant and kitchen. Situated outside, and with the Central Government Complex in the background, the location was perfect.

After the Zan Fish Wholesale produce had arrived, Nickos began setting-up the kitchen at 6am, and began training Craig’s 14 staff at 3pm. Once the staff were fully-trained in the art of fish and chips, Nickos and Craig were ready to open the restaurant at 6pm, where they didn’t stop until 11pm – what a day!

Day four – five

Nickos is working with the guys at The British Chippy

Officially open for business, and with a day’s work behind them, Nickos and the team were raring to go. As they were set-up outside, the main visitors to the restaurant were the outdoor cinema-goers, who were filling-up on chippy goodness before watching screenings of classic British films, such as Monty Python.

Throughout these busy two days, Nickos was on-hand the entire time, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. He also helped Craig out by enticing both locals and tourists, who might have never tried British fish and chips before, to the shop. It didn’t take much persuading, people were soon heading over in the dozens.

Day six and home time

After six amazing, but crazy, days helping The Chippy crew, Nickos was ready to put his feet up and head home. It was an incredible experience for Zan Fish, and Nickos was very proud of what both teams had achieved during his time in Hong Kong.

What’s next for Zan Fish and Nickos?

Well, Craig from The Chippy was so happy with Nickos’ efforts that he’s asked him to help supply the produce and set-up the next restaurants Craig opens in Asia. This is brilliant news for the whole Zan Fish family, and we all can’t wait for the next big chippy adventure.

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