November 24, 2023

Meet the team: Get to know Gwen, from Zan Fish Derby, Allenton

Want to get to know our Zan Fish Derby team a bit better? Now is your chance, as we sat down with Gwen, an employee at our Allenton shop, and got to know a bit more about her. From her job to her favourite Zan menu items and much more, join us for another meet the team blog. 

Gwen smiles in a lively environment

1. So, Gwen, how did you become a part of the Zan Fish team?

I was threatened by Nick to come work for him (Lol). 

No, I had actually known Nick for quite a few years and one day he asked if I would be interested in a new job that was both active and versatile at Zan Fish Derby… the rest is history really. 

2. What do you enjoy most about working for Zan Fish Derby?

I think everyone will say this but it's definitely the customers! You never get 2 days the same, and speaking with all different types of people really makes my day.

Gwen and Nickos smiling together at Zan fish Derby

3. How do you start your shift? Is there any prep work that you do?

First thing I do is make sure the cobs are done - our chip butties are really popular, so having them ready sliced and buttered is really important to keep things moving throughout the day. 

I also do a once-over of all the appliances and stock to make sure we have everything we need before we open. 

4. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love spending time with my family, especially my beautiful grandchildren - they mean the world to me. 

5. What’s your go-to non-Zan Fish order?

If it’s not a Zan Fish Derby, I would have to go for a curry! 

Picture outside of Zan Fish Derby shop on a sunny day

6. Is there anything you think makes Zan Fish special? (As an employer or as a fish & chip shop)

Without a doubt the quality of the food at Zan Fish Derby is what makes all our shops special. Everything is brought fresh, cooked fresh and locally sourced for the best taste every single time, and our customers tell us the same thing. 

Great quality food at Zan Fish Derby in the display oven

7. What is your favourite thing to make on the Zan Fish Derby menu?

That’s a tough one as there’s quite a few I love making, but if I had to pick just one, I would say our tasty halloumi pittas. They’re simple, but the best.

8. Could you give us a tip on beating the stress of a busy evening at Zan Fish Derby?

My tip would be to not let it get to you. Yes, it can be overwhelming when it’s busy, but the team is always there to support and help each other. All you can do is deal with one customer at a time and try your best, which usually works out pretty well. 

9. If you could only have 1 thing off the Zan Fish menu for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Easy, our homemade fried chicken! It’s crispy, delicious and juicy. I could eat a couple pieces now just talking about it.

Zan Fish Derby homemade fried chicken

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Zan Fish Derby team, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest vacancies. And don’t forget to order at your local Zan Fish in store to meet our fantastic team.


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