March 10, 2023

Meet the team: Get to know Zan Fish’s Allenton Manager, Antonis

This month we sat down with Allenton Manager, Antonis, and caught up with him to discuss Zan Fish life. From his manager duties to his love for customers, join us for another meet the team manager spotlight. 

Meet the team

1. Hi Antonis, so how long have you been manager at Zan Fish Allenton? 

I’ve been the manager at Zan Fish Allenton for 4 years. From the moment I had the chance to meet the team and taste the delicious food at Zan, I knew this was the place for me. I love my job and it’s been a very rewarding 4 years. 

2. What are your day to day duties as a manager at Zan Fish? 

Preparing is probably my biggest day to day duty, whether that’s sorting out the sauces or making sure we have enough salad, I like to have everything ready for when the shop opens - it makes it easier for my team and ensures our customers receive the best service possible. 

I also have a hand in cutting the fish and cooking a lot of the food, making sure it’s extra delicious for all of our customers. 

meet the team

3. What’s your favourite thing about working at Zan Fish? 

Without a doubt, my favourite thing about working here is our customers. Their love and appreciation for what we do is something I’ve never experienced before, and it makes our jobs all the more rewarding and meaningful. 

I would also say the support we get from the Zan Fish family is amazing, and that can’t be said for every workplace. As soon as I had the chance to meet the team on my first day, I knew I was going to love the job - being surrounded by supportive, passionate and loveable people all day is something I cherish. 

4. What’s your favourite Zan Fish menu item?  

This ones easy, it has to be our classic fish and chips - the soft, fluffy chips paired with the crispy, golden fish is a winning combination. 

I also love our special recipe chicken bites, and because we’re the only Zan Fish shop that sells them, it makes them extra tasty! 

Meet the team

5. What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I’m a big lover of Greek music and listen to it everyday. I’m also a huge family man - having 2 very young children definitely keeps you on your toes and they’re always keeping me busy and making me laugh. 

6. Do you have any hidden talents/a party trick? 

My love for music means that I’m the best at creating Greek playlists, which always go down well at parties. 

Although I’m no Ronaldo, I love football and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself, so I would consider that a talent. 

Meet the team

Enjoyed getting to know Allenton manager, Antonis?

From his love for Greek music to his appetite for fish and chips, it’s been great to meet the team behind Zan Fish Allenton. 

Visit your local Zan Fish store and order yourself some special recipe chicken bites, whilst you chat away with Antonis and his friendly team.  


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