February 13, 2023

Meet the team: Get to know Zan Fish’s Spondon Managers, Nick & Penny

Join us for another manager spotlight, this time we’re getting two for the price of one! As we get to know Zan Fish’s Spondon managers, Nick and Penny. Let’s chat with the pair in this month’s meet the team manager spotlight. 

1. Hi guys, so how long have you been the managers at Zan Fish Spondon? 

We’ve been managers at Zan Fish for 5 years. The time has absolutely flown by from when we first met the team to now and I think we can both agree that we’ve had our fair share of learning, challenges and laughs along the way which make it all worth it. 

Meet the team

2. What are your day to day duties as a manager at Zan Fish? 

Prepping in the morning is one of our biggest priorities. As well as that, we take pride in our kitchen's cleanliness. 

We’re not exempt from cooking too during extremely busy periods, and love the chance to fry some delicious fish for our customers. 

Meet the team

3. What’s your favourite thing about working at Zan Fish? 

As stressful as prepping can sometimes be, we also really enjoy it. It’s a great chance to meet the team that’ll be working throughout the day, and just enjoy each other’s company before the customers come in. 

Having said that, we love having a good laugh with our customers too! 

Meet the team

4. What’s your favourite Zan Fish menu item?  

Of course, it would have to be the fish for us. It’s golden, delicious and fresh - just the way we like it. 

Meet the team

5. What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Nick: I love going to the gym and staying active with a bit of cycling too. Playing with the kids and watching movies with my family is what I like to do to wind down. 

Penny: My favourite things to do are puzzles, dancing and travelling when I have the time.  

6. Do you have any hidden talents/a party trick? 

Nick: Just being me is a fantastic party trick in itself really! 

Have you enjoyed getting to know Spondon managers, Nick and Penny?

From their favourite things about working at Zan Fish to their interesting hobbies outside of work, it’s been great meeting the team behind Zan Fish.  Visit your local Zan Fish store and have a laugh with Nick and Penny whilst ordering your delicious Zan food.


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