August 2, 2023

Meet the team: Our amazing Heatherton Zan Fish employee

Want to get to know your Zan Fish employee a bit better? Well, we sat down with Charlie, an employee at the Heatherton shop and got to know a bit more about him, fish and chips in Derby, his job at Zan and much more.  

best fish and chips Derby Charlie

1. So Charlie, how did you become a part of the Zan Fish team to start with?

I was really passionate about finding a job in my local area that allowed me to work with the community, and also didn’t get too much in the way with my school work. 

I came across this role at Zan Fish Heatherton and immediately applied. As a previous customer and lover of their fish and chips in Derby, I had always liked the staff there, so I knew I wanted to be part of their team, and the rest is history. 

2. What do you enjoy most about working for Zan Fish?

Definitely my favourite thing is how much I’ve learnt since I first started. I’ve developed my communication skills, met new people and improved my organisation. I’ve even learnt more about fish and chips in Derby than I ever thought, from the importance of sourcing ingredients to cooking them to perfection. 

3. How do you start your shift? Is there any prep work that you do?

I like to be organised, so the first thing I do is make sure all boxes and equipment are set up and ready to use, so there’s no hold ups when it’s busy later on. 

Doing this when I start my shift allows me to have a set routine that I know works for me and the whole team, so we can produce the best fish and chips in Derby time and time again. 

fish and chips Derby Heatherton shop

4. Do you find no two days are alike at Zan Fish?

Yes, everyday is different which is great. This is especially true on gluten free days, because we use different equipment as opposed to other days, to prevent cross contamination and keep the food gluten free.  It’s a challenge, but it’s always rewarding and fun. 

5. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I'm not meeting the team at work, I’m usually doing school work or revising, but I like playing football!

6. What’s your go-to Zan order?

The whole menu is delicious, and of course we have the best fish and chips in Derby, but the Zan fried chicken fillets with chips tops everything for me. It’s even better because it’s only available at the Heatherton shop so it makes it extra special.

Fish and chips Derby fried chicken

7. Is there anything you think makes Zan Fish special?

The way they treat their employees is great, and everyone works well together because there has been a really nice staff environment from the moment I met the team. 

We’re also really close with our customers, from inside jokes to knowing their order off by heart before they’ve even stepped through the door. It's nice to have that familiarity with customers and show that you care, which a lot of places don’t do these days. 

8. What is your favourite menu item to make?

Any kebab in a pitta. It’s fun assembling it and nice knowing someone is going to enjoy a really tasty meal that you’ve made. 

Fish and chips Derby kebab

9. Could you give us some tips on beating the stress of a busy evening at Zan Fish?

Again, I would say organisation is key. Usually if there’s food that’s nearly finished cooking, I start the rest of the order for the customer, so queues don’t start building up, and that customer isn’t waiting too long. 

The rest of the team all pull together on busy nights so there’s no need for anyone to feel stressed out, we always make it happen one way or another. 

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