May 28, 2021

Our environmental promise

With the rise in climate change and the detrimental impact of single-use plastic on the environment, we’re determined to play our part in protecting our planet. That’s why at Zan Fish, we’re gradually making the changes to go green across our locations and deliver sustainable fish and chips.

Small changes for big impact 

As of January, our environmental initiative is being trialled at The Village before we embark on our other shops. However, we’re proud of what changes we have already made for a better future. 

It's important for us to promote environmentally friendly methods so that our customers not only appreciate what we're doing, but also want to help. That's why our packaging, from our serving boxes to our biodegradable cups for drinks and sauces, is all recyclable.

Our carrier bags are currently the only plastic we use. However, we've recently started a scheme in which we charge 20p for each one sold, with all proceeds going to a local Derby charity each year. All of these small changes can make a big impact, which is why we're so committed to seeing this through and pursuing a greener future. 

Our environmental promise beyond the packaging

We might be trying our best with our packaging efforts and sustainable fish and chips but we’re not stopping there. 

It's just as vital to source, prepare, and cook the food as it is to package it. We're proud of our sustainably-sourced produce, which ensures that outstanding quality is served to our consumers while also preserving the health of our oceans to the best of our ability. What’s more, we buy our other produce in bulk and keep our very own warehouse to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our environmental commitment extends far beyond the meals we serve, as we use a Hewigo high-efficiency frying range that accounts for all waste oil. This results in lower emissions of gas consumption and carbon gases for stronger environmental protection. Finally, we have recycling bins in each of our locations so that we can dispose of recyclable materials properly and efficiently, reducing the amount we send to landfill.

A step in the right direction

Although we’re a long way off where we want to be in terms of going green and creating sustainable fish and chips, we’re putting our best foot forward to create a better environment for us to live in. If we can encourage anyone to do their part to help, then that’s just a bonus.

Keep an eye out at our Village shop for our new initiatives in 2022!


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