April 11, 2024

Doing our bit for the environment with sustainable fish in the UK and more at Zan Fish

We understand that climate change and the impact on our planet are issues that are not going anywhere. And, we love our planet as much as we love fish and chips, which is why we make a conscious effort to use sustainable fish in the UK, whilst  gradually becoming more green as we make changes throughout our shops to help protect the planet.

Zan Fish sustainable fish UK

Why we're going green and how

1. Sustainable packaging

From April of 2023, we’ve been trialling environmental packaging in our Village shop, which has lowered our plastic-use substantially. Talking about packaging, our serving boxes and even our biodegradable cups for drinks and sauces, are all recyclable. This ensures that our products are causing as little impact to the environment as possible, and allows our customers to join in on making an effort to become more sustainable. 

Zan Fish sustainable fish UK

2. Small changes for a big impact

Our carrier bags are currently the only plastic we use. However, we charge 20p for each one sold, with all proceeds going to a local Derby charity each year. Ensuring that these small changes make a big impact, as we’re committed to supporting our local community and pursuing a greener future.

3. Sustainably-sourced produce

Our produce is also all sustainably and locally sourced to ensure excellent quality is always delivered to our customers, whilst keeping our environmental footprint low. There’s a reason why our sustainable fish in the UK is some of the freshest and best tasting in Derby.

4. Going wholesale

So, as well as preserving the health of our oceans to the best of our ability, what else do we do with our sustainable fish in the UK to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint? Well, we buy our produce in bulk and keep our very own wholesale warehouse in order to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

5. Our equipment

Our environmental commitment extends far beyond the meals we serve, as we use a Hewigo high-efficiency frying range that accounts for all waste oil. This results in lower emissions of gas consumption and carbon gases for stronger environmental protection.

6. Recycling correctly in store

Finally, we have recycling bins in each of our locations so that we can dispose of recyclable materials properly and efficiently, significantly reducing the amount we send to landfill.

Why we need to act fast

Sea levels are rising, oceans are filled with plastic, and the landfills are overflowing with waste - doesn’t sound good does it? Which is why we need to make a change, and quickly. 

With more than a third of Brits tucking into fish and chips once a week or more, and 65% eating them at least once a month, it’s essential that we provide sustainable fish in the UK and eco-friendly packaging, so those who want to enjoy this iconic meal can do so without it adding to the climate crisis.

Zan Fish sustainable fish UK

How you can help

Protecting the environment and fighting the effects of climate change are things we can all do together. Here’s some easy ways you can do your bit: 

  • Support Zan Fish - by supporting us you can also make an effort to be more sustainable
  • Recycle - Throw away your rubbish correctly 
  • Don’t litter 
  • Reduce food waste 
  • Reduce plastic use

We see everyday as a new opportunity to improve the environment we live in to ensure it is at its best. Don’t forget to visit your local Zan Fish shop to grab some delicious, sustainable fish UK and chips.


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