June 7, 2023

The Hong Kong Story: How Zan Fish and Chips in Derby partnered with ‘The Chippy’ in Hong Kong

In 2017, Zan Fish were approached with an offer to consider setting up a pop up fish and chip shop in front of the Hong Kong Embassy, making it the first authentic fish and chip shop there. This is the story of how our local fish and chip brand in Derby helped create fish and chip history in Hong Kong. 

How it all started

It was just a normal day when Zan Fish had an inquiry about using their fish and chip expertise to set up a pop up fish and chip shop in Hong Kong. The initial request did seem out of the blue, but after some thought, the team realised the offer was too exciting to resist. Zan Fish manager, Nickos and their Marketing Director flew out to Hong Kong to help with the set up and the training of staff ready for opening week. 

During the training process, Nickos not only taught the staff how to cook fish and chips, but how to ensure the highest quality food was always being produced, as well as creating minimal waste, similar to the way fish and chips in Derby at the Zan Fish shops work. The fish and chip pop up shop in Hong Kong adopted the Zan Fish attitude, and throughout the training process made sure to prioritise their food quality and sustainability. 

All the produce from the fish to the chips and even the batter are sent over from the UK to Hong Kong, which is all managed by Zan Fish Wholesale. They have faced occasional produce shortages, in particular with the fish, which the Zan team overcame by organising speedy air deliveries.

Chippy success in Hong Kong

The response from locals was better than anything that could have been imagined. There’s a clear desire for fish and chips in Hong Kong, which made the whole process even more rewarding and special. For Zan Fish, the partnership has been great as they send monthly containers over with Zan Fish products to ensure high standards are maintained and customers receive a consistent service every time they visit. 

As a result of the pop up shop's success, in 2022 the owners opened a standalone takeaway and restaurant known as ‘The Chippy’. 

Derby, Hong Kong and beyond

The initial success and demand has been mindblowing, from serving fish and chips in Derby on a regular basis to bringing one of Britain’s favourite dishes to Hong Kong, it’s been a fantastic project to be a part of. 

And to top it all off, ‘The Chippy’ are now looking at further sites across Hong Kong and further afield to grow their brand and share the great taste of fish and chips to even more people. 

If you’re looking for delicious tasting fish and chips in Derby head over to your local Zan Fish or if you happen to be in Hong Kong, why not pop over to ‘The Chippy’? Same great Zan taste, just in a different continent.


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