October 5, 2023

Zan Fish x Too Good To Go: Fighting food waste at our fish and chip shops in Derby

Last month, we officially partnered with Too Good To Go in order to fight food waste, and give more people the chance to try our delicious fish and chips in Derby. Join us as we take a look at Too Good To Go’s mission, our own sustainable values, how you can grab a surprise bag and much more in our latest blog. 

What is Too Good To Go?

Too Good To Go is a mobile app that connects foodies with businesses that have unsold food left over at the end of the day. The app allows people to buy ‘Surprise Bags’ of food at a discounted price. This helps to reduce food waste, which is a major environmental problem. 

Why Zan Fish has partnered with Too Good To Go

Here at Zan Fish, we’re proud to be a partner of Too Good To Go. Sharing the same sustainable values, Too Good To Go allows us to fight food waste, support our customers by providing affordable and fresh fish and chips in Derby, and help our planet. For more on how we support UK-only suppliers, Zan Fish wholesale, and our biodegradable packaging, read our other blogs here. 

Zan Fish and chips Derby

Food waste statistics that speak for themselves

Food waste is a huge problem in the UK and worldwide. Let’s break down some statistics to put this very real issue into perspective; 

  • More than ⅓ of all food produced for human consumption is wasted
  • Food waste is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions (that's more than the whole aviation industry)
  • 2.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually, whilst 828 million people go hungry every day
  • Wasting food costs us $1.2 trillion each year 

How you can help

By ordering your Surprise Bags with Too Good To Go, you’re already making the right moves to help do your bit for the planet. Here are some other benefits of ordering your favourite Zan Fish and chips in Derby through the Too Good To Go app: 

  • Budget-friendly: Too Good To Go meals are typically priced at ⅓ of the original price, so you can enjoy delicious and affordable fish and chips in Derby. 
  • Helping the planet: By ordering your fish and chips in Derby through Too Good To Go, you are helping to reduce food waste, which has a knock on effect on climate change and the overall state of the environment. 
  • Supporting our business: When you order from Zan Fish through Too Good To Go, you are helping to support a small, independent business, which we really appreciate! 
  • Variety: Maybe there’s something on our menu that you wouldn’t necessarily think to order, but with the Surprise Too Good To Go Bags, you’ll receive a random selection of our food, and who knows you might find a new favourite food. 
Too Good To Go x Zan Fish and chips Derby

Don’t forget to download the Too Good To Go app if you haven’t already, and order your Surprise Zan Fish Bags for a fresh, tasty and affordable treat.


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