September 19, 2023

The benefits of Zan Fish wholesale and how it helps us provide sustainable fish in the UK

Zan Fish wholesale was created with quality food, sustainable fish in the UK and our customers in mind. After all, happy planet, happy tummies. Join us as we take a closer look at the benefits Zan Fish wholesale brings us, you and our planet. 

What does wholesale mean ?

Put simply, food wholesalers buy goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers, warehouse them, and resell them.

Why Zan Fish wholesale?

It made complete sense to us to have our very own wholesale set up, as all of our customers know we’re passionate about sustainability and great food. As food wholesalers we’re able to ensure all the food supplied in our shops, for instance our sustainable fish in the UK, is of the highest quality. Our wholesale ensures we don’t have to worry about quality, quantity or consistency because it’s all taken care of in house.

Benefits of Zan Fish wholesale

1. Less waste

Our wholesale allows us to reduce our food waste. By buying our food in bulk, we’re able to be more strategic about ordering based on each shop's needs and avoid overstocking. This helps to reduce the amount of food that we have to throw away. We’ve also teamed up with Too Good To Go to help fight food waste. Find out more via our Instagram.

2. Better prices

Zan Fish wholesale ensures we get good prices for the produce we purchase. This ensures we’re not overpaying and don't have to hike prices up for our customers. Providing affordable and sustainable fish and chips in the UK to the people of Derby is our top priority. Read our blog to find out how else we prioritise the customer experience.

3. Consistently good quality

With multiple shops, it’s important we provide the same delicious experience to all our customers no matter what shop they visit. Because all our produce is coming from our wholesale, it means quality and consistency are guaranteed.

4. Sustainable

Not only is our sustainable fish in the UK some of the best around, Zan Fish wholesale ensures we make less deliveries with bulk orders lasting us longer than multiple individual food deliveries, helping us keep our carbon emissions down and protecting the environment.

Don’t forget to head over to your local Zan Fish to experience great sustainable fish and chips in the UK that’s delicious time and time again. Order today.


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